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Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair loss has become a very generic problem these days and that too for every age group. It is not hard to find a teenager suffering from hair loss. There may be many reasons contributing to it like stress, depleting water quality, lack of proper intake of Vitamin A, protein, anemia, and many more.
But, like every problem has its solution, likewise, hair fall has its too and the solution is hair transplantation, which is a very simple and painless procedure. In very simple terms, it involves extraction of hair roots in live condition. These roots are extracted from donor area and then implanted to the bald or recipient area.
But, before opting for a hair transplant, it is very necessary to do the proper research beforehand, like your grade of baldness, the technique of hair transplant best suited to you, best hair transplant doctors available in Dehradun and best hair transplant clinic in Dehradun.
In the market, there are various techniques available which can help you restore your hair back. You can opt for one depending upon your suitability, affordability, convenience and grade of baldness. Different hair transplant techniques available are:
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
Our FUE hair transplant in Dehradun involves taking out hair follicles in small amount from the heavy growth area of scalp or donor area of scalp and then implanting these follicles in units consisting of 2 to 4 follicles to the bald area of scalp. There may be times, where a person may not have thick hair growth in any area of scalp, in such cases, doctors resort to body hair transplant. There are various hair transplant clinics available in Dehradun that you can visit to.
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
The technique is also known as strip surgery whereby, a tissue strip containing hair follicles are extracted out from the thick growth area of scalp. Hair follicles are then reaped out of the tissue strip and finally the hair follicles reaped are finally implanted to the bald area.
PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) Treatment
The blood of a human body comprises of plasma, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. In order to treat the problem of hair thinning, blood is refined and two elements, white blood cells and red blood are refined out of it and then there remains just two elements i.e. plasma and platelets. This refined blood is now applied to the bald area of scalp. This treatment is not used in the case of complete baldness.
The mesotherapy treatment involves injecting nutrient liquid by our trained technicians into your bald area of scalp. The process sounds painful, but actually, is not.
Hair Weaving
The hair weaving in Dehradun involves building a base using natural hair of other persons or artificial hair and then fixing this base to you scalp. The technique is both time saving and cost saving.
Dandruff Treatment
This hair loss treatment in Dehradun involves applying ointments to treat hair loss.
We provide our clients a painless, reliable and permanent solution to their hair thinning, depending upon their needs. So, do not worry too much about your increasing hair loss, we are here for you.


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