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Does Donor Area Grow Back After Hair Transplant?

A lot of people are worried about what will happen to their donor area post hair transplant. Would the area from which hair follicles are drawn out, re-grow back?

Actually, from the donor area which usually forms the back of your head, when hair is extracted from there, the entire hair follicles along with some nearby cells are removed completely due to which the removed follicles can’t grow back. Growth will be seen only in the hair follicles which were not removed completely.

So, hair needs to be distributed over whole head with utmost care, keeping in mind the limited availability of follicles. The donor area should not look patchy post drawing follicles from it, along with it, the follicles should be distributed over whole scalp in such a way that the whole head looks hairy and the results after hair transplant seem totally natural.

Now, coming to why do hair follicles are extracted from back of your scalp only for the purpose of hair transplant? When you see the most common pattern of baldness that is male pattern baldness, you’ll notice that there remains thick hair growth in the lower back part of the scalp which extended to the lower rear sides. So, this portion forms the donor area in men.

The reason behind thick growth in the donor area is that the follicles in the back of our scalp are genetically programmed to grow for your lifetime. They are resistant to DHT.

So, for getting your hair transplant done, choose your clinic very wisely that gives you the perfect and permanent hair lines, Our hair transplant clinic in Dehradun is one such clinic.

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