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Hair Transplant

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Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the best technique for restoration of hairs with the most exciting and innovative surgical treatments. It is one of the foremost rapidly evolving aid in aesthetic surgery accomplished by regular improved technologies.
Each and every city has its own beauty and so do our human body has in the form of our hair. That’s the reason we are working for the best hair restoration technique with our relevant services of hair transplantation whereby, hair follicles are pulled out from the donor area and implanted to the hair growth resistant area. The procedure is painless.
Our standards ensure safety, hygiene and our clients’ satisfaction .We work for your happiness and confidence. So, if your baldness bothers you, don’t wait for long. Raise your charm with the beauty of your hair.Contact us for best hair loss treatments.
Say “no” to hair loss with our hair transplant clinic in Dehradun.

Types Of Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

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Many a times, none of the area of scalp has thick hair growth. So, in such a case, hairs are pulled out from any other body part like chest, legs, armpits, etc. and then implanted to the hair growth resistant area of the scalp. This technique is a blessing for those who are totally bald.

Advance Hair Transplant


Our hair transplant procedures include most advanced techniques and equipment giving totally natural, undetectable and suitable hairlines. After the hair transplant that we perform, hair extraction marks are almost invisible and there requires no medication to maintain growth of hair. Our advanced hair transplant includes 2 techniques, i.e. FUE and FUT, where, FUE involves extraction of hair follicles in small amount from donor area and then implanting them to the recipient area while FUT involves extracting tissue strip(s) from donor area, then reaping hair follicles out of it and finally implanting the follicles into the recipient area.

Beard Hair Transplant

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Sometimes many men have to face a problem of patchy beard or no beard at all. This technique plays an important role in such a case wherein, hair follicles from thick hair growth area of scalp or any other body part are pulled out and then implanted to the beard area. This provides you manly look.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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This transplantation process enhances your beauty. Those who have complaints about thin eyebrows or no eyebrows, they can opt for this transplantation. Hair follicles from thick hair growth area of scalp or any other body part are drawn out and then embedded to the eyebrow region as per the requirement.

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